Does your BODY feel uncomfortable when you move?

Well you are not alone! I receive messages every day from prospective new clients who would like to exercise to achieve their goals, but every time they try, they find aches and pains that won’t go away.

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All too often these feelings of discomfort when we move are down to our PROPRIOCEPTION not quite functioning in the right way. OK, I know, you are now wondering what on Earth is that! Well it is the brain-muscle connection. The way we ask the body to move in a certain way, by activating muscles to contract in a certain sequence. For example….

“How many of you stand up after sitting for a long time and have to hold your lower back because it is uncomfortable?”


“Have you ever tried to run and ended up hobbling home because your knees have become painful?”

Why does this happen? Well we can definitely blame our modern day lifestyles, sitting at a desk, driving the car, watching the TV or using IPads and mobile devices, which cause our bodies to stop using some muscles and over use others. More often than not this can put muscles in the neck, lower back, hips and knees into an unnatural position and switch off the bigger muscles in the body such as your upper back and bottom (the Glutes). This poor posture can create imbalances and compensations which can inhibit our Proprioception.

However, I also see clients everyday who have come to me following an accident or surgery. Their bodies have had to readjust their movement patterns whilst they have repaired and recovered, only to find that their function has changed and some movements and muscles are not working as they use to. The body is a very clever machine and will always take the path of least resistance to enable a function to occur.

The great news is that I can re-train and restore the brain-muscle connection to support you in activating the right muscles in the right sequence. This in turn will help the body to move and feel better. I do this with a Functional Assessment in your first consultation. I basically watch you move! This will include:

SQUAT – HINGE – LUNGE – PUSH – PULL – PLANK exercises so I can watch what happens, coach you on how to improve the movement and use the right muscles to activate a movement that feels good!

In all my Classes and 1:1 Personal Training coaching I will use ACTIVATION exercises to restore and re-train the Brain-Muscle connection. This is turn will enable you to move better, feel better and reduce the chances of becoming inured next time you run, jump, join in a group fitness class or simply stand from sitting!


“if you always do, what you have always done, you will always stay the same!”

If you feel pain or discomfort when your body moves and would like to learn how to prevent this from happening, contact me on 07501553192 or email me at [email protected] to book your first consultation and ultimately to make your body feel and move better again!