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Menopause Mentor

Everyone’s journey is different during this time, and it should be a time of celebration when your reproductive years come to an end, and you can focus on YOU for a change. However, if you don’t change your lifestyle as your bodies are changing, then symptoms can appear that you struggle to cope with, or indeed know how to reduce or eliminate.

Weight Loss Course

Are you sick of going on diets only to find that you end up putting the weight back on and more? Are you tired of going on ‘diets’ that simply restrict and take away food, and become unachievable? My 5 week course guides you through lifestyle changes in nutrition, fitness and wellbeing to achieve your weight-loss goals.

Life can sometimes prevent us from doing what we want for ourselves, especially if making an appointment to see me 1:1 is a challenge time wise.

So let me come to you, at a time and a place that suits you!

Join me on one or more of my ONLINE COACHING courses, put together to meet your goals and needs.

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Weight Loss

Let me guide you on your Weight Loss Journey from the comfort of your own home. Learn how the right nutrition, exercise intensity, and other lifestyle factors can all play a crucial role in helping you to achieve the body you want to live in!

Learn Strength Training

If you are new to resistance training, or would like to learn how to do this functioning well, come along and join me for a course on how to use resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells safely and effectively!

Core Workout

The foundation to a safe and effective workout or exercise session, is to use the core correctly and train it to become stable and strong. Let me guide you on how to engage it correctly and show you exercises to strengthen it along the way.

Menopause Weight Loss

There is so much to cope with throughout a Menopause Journey, it can often be overwhelming, and symptoms can cause distress and anxiety. Learn how to adjust your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to reduce and eliminate your symptoms, and to enable you to lose weight, feel better, move well and live a happy life!

TRX Suspension Training

One of my favourite pieces of kit to use to create strength and stability in the body, plus it works the core all of the time! It is also wonderful for a Home Workout, so let me guide you on it’s safe set up, adjustment and give you exercises for a Full Body workout from the comfort of your own home.

Pilates Classes

If you can’t make the group Pilates class or a 1:1, why not bring Wendy into your home at a time and day that suits you, with our online classes. She will coach you on how to strengthen and lengthen your body, using flows that will also help your posture and balance.

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Jane Tooms

In lockdown I joined Rach’s online classes and PT session and have never looked back.


I leave every session feeling physically and mentally stronger.


Rachel has transformed my balance and posture, and I would not be without her.

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