1:1 Personal Training

Personal Training

A 1:1 session face to face or online where I design and deliver a programme of exercises for you to do to achieve all your goals.

I will start with a detailed Body Composition Analysis  & Blood Pressure , looking at your health and medical history and discussing the goals that you would like to achieve. A detailed Body Composition Analysis will be taken to understand your body fat, lean muscle mass, visceral fat and hydration as well as your weight, which we can use throughout your journey to track your success, if this is one of your goals.

A One to One Session

I look at what YOU want to achieve and set realistic goals together.

I look at the best types of activities and approach to fit in with your lifestyle and fitness goals. I set out an achievable regime to get you from your own personal starting point to the outcome you desire.

Working Together

I prioritise your functional fitness, starting with how your core and breathing work to stabilise your body. Once your body is stable and moving well, I will use Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Push, Pull and Plank exercises to further strengthen your muscles and protect your joints. Your body’s health and happiness is my focus as I progress you safely and effectively to achieving your goals.

Throughout your health and fitness journey with me here at ONE BODY, I will meet you 1:1 face to face or online as often as you require. Give you homework to do in between our sessions, plus monitor and measure your progress along the way.


Jane Tooms

My lessons are fun, my body shape has changed, my fitness levels increased, and any problems I have physically or mentally are dealt with.

Sian Sykes

Rachel taught me a valuable lesson to listen to my body, to respect it and to love it. She really truly cares about your body, and for you to be the best version of yourself.


Rachel designs individual exercise and functional movement programs for her clients, that are based on her holistic approach to health and fitness.

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